Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vintage European Postcards, My Latest Obsession

I have some new items for sale at the Mercantile Mall. I was so lucky to find an entire collection of vintage European postcards. Paris, Scotland, London... they're fantastic.

Some of my favorites have German Glitter Glass... so pretty! Sorry, this picture really doesn't show off the glitter. But, trust me, it's charming!

I love vintage postcards in general. Used cards are my favorites. The stamps, the handwriting, the addresses... I love it all. Even though this collection is unused, it still brings images of someones grand holiday.

I came across a tin full of reproduction postcards in a gift shop recently. I couldn't believe it, they were reproductions of some of the same cards I have. They were very pretty. But, the one thing you can't reproduce is the vintage card stock and printing. There's something so handmade feeling about old printed pieces... not to mention the glitter glass, that was definitely hand produced.

I have another obsession, I'm also crazy about vintage scales...

The color and graphics attract me. I like them more when they are imperfect. This chippy white scale with the teal printed face is so adorable. I'm guessing the 40's?

This pale gray scale has a masculine charm. All the detail in the face. The black pointer and the brass trim makes it a sharp little statement!

Also, do you see the small little metal frog holding the postcard? My third latest obsession!! I can't get enough of metal frogs. They are so functional... placecard holders, business card holders, great holding little messages or signs in a food buffet, photo holders under a cloche... I could go on and on and on...

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