Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi, it's been too long since we've talked

I have been so busy working on new projects, that I have not had a moment to post. Which, is not a good thing, because it's so nice to keep up with my blogging friends.

Also, posting about my projects is great for me. For years I would paint furniture or murals for clients and never ever take one photograph! Ugh!! the regrets I have. So many things I've done that I would like to glance back and see what I did - and I can't! So, here I am keeping myself on track.

You may remember I told you about these twin beds I purchased last month...

I re-purposed them into chalkboard shelf's. You can write messages, there's a shelf for holding items and knobs for hanging. The knobs spell CIRQUE. I am still planning on painting French Circus themed words on the chalkboard...

Until I've finished painting the words on one, I have put the other in the Mercantile for sale.

I imagine you could use this piece in a foyer for hats and coats with messages from mom,

or in the bathroom for towels...

or maybe in the game room by the pool table - keeping score, hang your rack/triangle and hold your chalk...

in the kitchen holding towels stacking bowls and writing a grocery list...

So, that's one of the many things I've been painting. I'll share more later.
I've also been stocking the store with many items for spring.

Lots of rusty garden items...

These blue and white porcelain trays are my favorites lately. They are vintage photo developing trays. I think they work great for potting seedlings or using for storage... I just put some great black and white square porcelain pots in the store! Sorry, no photo of those, but they are so cute!

and many items from winter are on sale. I'm filling up with more spring and summer items, so I need to make room.


  1. Love love the repurposed headboards! Miss not seeing you at the shoppe!

  2. I LOVE those headboards too! Your things are SO Beautiful.. I love coming every week an seeing what you have that is new! One of these days we will finally meet up!
    Have a great Easter.


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