Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Toy Room to Teen Lounge

This is our Toy Room turned Teen Lounge.

Why, with the million and one decorating projects I have to do, did I tackle this? Well, it all started with a Ralph Lauren sale last week... Home Depot was clearing out their RL paints AND offering a $5 back per gallon rebate... $35 gallon of paint was on sale for $11 per can with $5 back! Gasp! I filled my cart... then picked paint colors for rooms to paint that I didn't even know needed painting five minutes earlier :)

This is the Toy Room before. Bright and multi-colored. Perfect for my young ones to play.

But this picture was taken 3 years ago (when we were buying the house, that's why it says "please buy our house" on the chalk board. Of course we bought the house. Who could resist that cute sales pitch!?!) when my kids were 7 and 10. Now they need a room a little less vibrant and a little more teen friendly.

I wanted to get rid of these little painted graphics that framed the entrance to the toy room, but I didn't have any of the wall paint...

and I didn't want to paint ALL of this with a new color!!

So I covered it up with a funky painted graphic border.

My plan was to make a slip cover for the couch. And you can see why.

Stains from spills, and pen marks and who knows what after years and years of toy room abuse, this hide-a-bed couch needed something.

So, I bought a Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Cleaner... and look at the amazing job it did! I should have owned one of these babies years ago! It spot cleaned the carpet and stairs too and the couch looks like it's brand new... I love it.

I put a dark chocolate brown on the TV wall. I love it because it really hides the TV and makes the picture stand out (when it's turned on).

The rest of the walls were painted in a soothing grayish blue.
The green chalkboard was painted into a black chalkboard.

I stole the area rug from my bathroom...

added some decoupaged detail to this tray...

and turned this unsightly upholstered cushion top toy box into an ottoman/coffee table with a simple and cheap slip cover.

I bought a canvas paint tarp for $20 to make a couch slip cover. Instead I used the fabric to make the curtains (cut two, sewed a rod pocket and side seam on each and they were done! EASY Peasy!).

I used the rest of the fabric for two small throw pillows and this slip cover. If you want to make a slip cover it's very easy. Lay your fabric on the piece that you are covering. Trim to 3/4 of an inch beyond the shape.

Then, pin your pieces of fabric together, creating the guides to sew the seams.

I wanted to have cording on this piece, but it's not necessary to do to have a nice looking slip cover.

After you've sewn the seams together, press the fabric, turn it inside out, and you're done.

Slip it right on.

I made some slip covers for the throw pillows

with this fun fabric.

After stealing the dresser set from my daughter's room (and replacing it with furniture from my room which I replaced with furniture from another room... I'm telling ya, it all started with one little can of paint!) I removed the top two drawers

and color washed the inside with the chocolate brown paint. The electronics will go in these holes and will work out great because that dark color just makes everything disappear!

And then I was done. Now, on to the next 6 gallons I bought!


  1. I think it looks fabulous!! Party pad!! What teen wouldn't want to hang out down there. Great job!!

  2. The transformation is amazing. As usual you did a beautiful job. You are so blessed to have a large space like that for the kids. My kids would loooove it!! Take care!

  3. It looks great!! I wish you could transform my apartment like that! :)


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