Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Farm House Treasures

I bought this incredible vintage typewriter at an estate sale this past weekend.

I love the keys. I used to have a pink vintage typewriter. It wasn't as old as this one, but it was pink. Why did I sell it at a garage sale with my kids baby toys??!! Further more, why did I sell my wood clarinet (that would now be worth $2,ooo.)?!!!!

So, I was so excited when I saw this beeeauty. I just had to have it.

But the coolest thing about buying this typewriter was this:

I found this typed on the sheet of paper I had inserted in the roller. My 10 year old son wrote "A Good Cop Story". He sat at that typewriter all day - and for hours the next day! It's amazing how fascintated he was with something that doesn't plug in or turn on!!

I also bought a huge box of vintage farm house linens. With quilts and embroidered tea towels...

They have been washed and pressed and they are in the Mercantile Mall for sale.

The thing I love about auctions is

the surprise treasures you find inside the box lots you bid on.

This vintage bird book was in the bottom of a box linens. What luck!

They will make a great framed grouping.

I also bought this small side table...

And this small side table. Both are ready for some paint and then they will be in the 104 Main Street, Milford, Ohio Mercantile Mall.


  1. Love your typewriter! I am so envious!! I need to come to Ohio.. you are not far!
    I got your box (i sent to you) and some other items from Etsy sent back!! AHHHH.. it was your ornament!! Please could you resend me your address..? Let me know if you need my email...

  2. I've been MIA lately. It's such a busy time that it's hard to find time to blog. I've scrolled down thru your past blogs and see that I have missed a few good things. I love the transferware plate that you did. It looks fabulous!!
    I'm not sure if you have seen my old typewriter. I love it! They are fun to decorate with...add a few vintage postcards and walla!!
    Happy Holidays,

  3. LOOOOOVE your typewriter! I am not allowed to move ours from my husband's office. and, why did you sell your pink one? I bet it was darling!

    Happy New Year!


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