Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

The trouble with scheduling posts for your blog is that when you think they've posted and your happily doing other things... like enjoying a Christmas break... you discover that the scheduled posts didn't go out at all.

Better late than never:

Stocking my booth at the Mercantile Mall with

vintage photos,

Victorian brass picture frames,

black vintage sewing box,


hand painted candle holder,

Transfer ware,

Holiday Ephememra,

little framed art,

vintage ornaments,

and vintage glass jars, ...

Forever adding more.


  1. Such amazing things. Thanks for your comment on my blog, am so glad to have discovered your lovely blog. Off to read the rest of your posts (seems like there won't be any ironing done today)!

  2. It all looks so amazing. I love the way you have put the BonFlourish stamp over your photos. Did you design it?

  3. Thanks Bren, I did design my logo. I screen it back in Photoshop to give it a transparent look.


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