Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Framed art. Don't we love it?

But, in my experience, I have found that as a Thrifty Artist, the best way to frame your art is to start with the frame! I can remember my parents cringing as I would bring home a 32 x 40 sketch from college. They loved it, but framing it would cost a small fortune. Thus, I have learned to purchase the frame - then create the art!

So, at the thrift store this week, I found this wonderful vintage apple green velvet frame:

I removed the backing paper, covered the EXTREMELY ugly print with Harlequin patterned paper and topped it off with a botanical illustration. Don't forget to put the backing paper back on to give it a nice finished and professional look.

This is what it looked like before (pretty ugly, right?):

Hooked on velvet this week, I guess. Because I also bought these rusty colored velvet framed prints:

They also had faded and UGLY prints that needed to be changed out.

So I threw some black paint on the frames. Added some beautiful vintage postcards... and voila:

Vintage Christmas art! These of course, will be for sale at the Mercantile Mall. I have many projects to show you, and many to finish! So I'm off to work...


  1. Yep, it was ugly! But it looks fabulous now. Love the framed Christmas cards too.

  2. Stunning work! So glad you stopped by.. my heads been spinning round..and didn't even know I had a partner!!



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