Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know, I know, school just started and the pool is still open... but I have been dreaming about Halloween since July! Halloween at our house has always been full blown. We have never worried about scaring the children... let them be scared I say!

We have always lived in the best neighborhoods for Halloween. At our old house, a late 1800's Victorian, Halloween came easy! It's not hard to make an old spooky house look spooky!

I worried that our new home, set in a subdivision of new builds, wouldn't be as fun. I was wrong! Projecting huge spider webs on our new house helps the scary factor.

My neighbor brings in truckloads of mulch every year for her "Haunted Trail" and has people work the trail! Let me tell you, it's better than any paid venue! We compete every year for the "Golden Donut" (a glitter crusted Dunkin Donut mounted in plaque form with a name plate for the new winner). But, technically, I think we need some categories. Who can compete with truck loads of mulch!

This is my husband/zombie voodoo guy. He sits perfectly still on the porch as the children enter.

He sits with these two other guys. The kids have NO idea who to say "Trick or Treat" to!

I made these stuffed guys with ski vests and swimming noodles through the arm holes! It's so easy. Tape on some work gloves, stuff some old pants with newspapers, slide those into some boots, stuff a tied plastic shopping bag filled with crumpled newspapers into a rubber mask and voila, old creepy dead guys! My husband pulls a fishing line connected to the guy on the rocking chair and he rocks back and forth. It's spooooky at night!

So needless to say, I can't wait to decorate my space at the Mercantile for Halloween, I've already stocked up on all my supplies. Look for a future post (a little closer to Halloween :).

Join in on the Halloween excitement by visiting this fantastic place:


  1. Wow, that must take a long time to do! I want to know where you live. We're coming to your house for Trick or treating:) You and Brenda have something( well, alot of things) in common. She loves Halloween too.
    Take care,

  2. I have three sisters and we all love Halloween. The two older sisters win the prize for best Halloween decor. I am planning to get my halloween stuff out this weekend. I willdefinately post some of the fun. It was nice to see you today. Take care.


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