Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She bought Sea Shells on Ebay...

Reflecting back to this old post from May '08:

Well actually, I didn't buy these shells. I collected them at the beach last week while on vacation with my husband and children. They all pitched in and hunted with me for these sea treasures. They knew mom had a plan ...

Isn't this coral chandelier magnificent?

Sorry for the awful photos here, they're from various issues of Veranda, House Beautiful and Country Living magazines. My scanner is out of commission for the moment and I had to shoot these with the camera. Bad pictures, but you get the idea...

I am infatuated lately with shells. Did you ever notice that once you have an interest in something you tend to see it everywhere (or is it because I have seen it everywhere, now I am infatuated)? In either case, now that I have this obsession, I have to create something out of shells.

In magazines, for summer decor, they seem to be in every spread. So, since my collection of shells was hardly enough to create anything on a large scale, I headed to Ebay. Voila, shells-a-plenty.

And with them I plan to make these:

Where am I going to put these shell creations? I have no idea... ahhh, maybe a shell chandelier over the master bath tub, mmmm just maybe. Next stop, garage sale or thrift store for a discarded brass chandelier! I'll post when I'm finished.

Well, that was May 2008 and I finally did finish my chandelier creation:

I really like the way it turned out so I put it in the store. Wouldn't it be so adorable with soft teal shades to match the chain sleeve. I will be searching for a good deal on shades!!

I just removed it from the store for fall. But, I may put it on my etsy site ( for a possible southern sale where a shell chandelier will work year round.


  1. Bonnie,

    That chandelier looks so high end. You did an amazing job. Your talent astounds me!


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