Friday, November 9, 2012

More new tables

This week I said good bye to this dining set.

That table, started out like this:

I wish I had a before of the chairs.  When I bought them they were painted in a high gloss (with lots of brush strokes) chocolate brown and a nice hunter green with white pin dot upholstery. 

After a fun makeover, they went into the Mercantile.
The six upholstered chairs and table with leafs almost found their way into my sun room. 

As I was planning the new draperies that would be needed for that move, I received a call from the Mercantile saying that they had been sold.   So, with mixed emotions, I said good bye. 

Of course I am always happy to sell my furniture, but in the back of my mind, everything I paint, I paint for myself... just in case it becomes mine :).

With that table gone, there is new room for this table:
 which would look great in my Foyer... but I do hope it sells. 

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