Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine wishes

I made a tiny effort towards Valentines day with this sweet wooden salt and pepper couple, I think they are in love.

This little vanity stool is getting a second chance to be sold. I pulled it last week so I could add a little flourish... I think that's exactly what it needed!

A vintage Valentine Postcard, the only thing sweeter is the sentiment written on the back.

I know I will be sad when this scale is sold. I love the soft gray color and the graphics and the hand... I should pull this, I love it too much.

Another piece getting a second chance is this side table. It wouldn't sell in white with a green flourish. So I pulled it and repainted! Will it sell in black with these great numbers?

So many smalls, I need to get more furniture in the store!

Vintage Paris postcard, there's nothing a Valentine would like more... besides a trip to Paris! My friend is going next month and I am green with envy. If I could hide in her luggage, I would!

This little French jar is filled with white twinkle lights to add Valentine charm.

This mirror may be on it's way to a redo... if it doesn't sell, it needs a fresh look! Blue is a hard color, maybe a teal under base with a white topper sanded back. Hmmmm, it would work for spring!

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  1. YES! Hyde Park judging...THAT is how we've met. I knew I knew you! Let's be blogging friends. I'm already friends with some of your items from the Mercantile. I love your booth (but didn't know it was yours)!


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