Friday, April 9, 2010

Find your biggest wall and paint

the biggest clock you can:

Ugh!!! Isn't this FAB-u-lous?!?!!

I am sorry to say, I saved those pictures in my "make this" file and I did not save the location of the pictures to give credit to the owner. I never planned on posting about it, I just planned on painting it!!! So, if you know where these are from, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is very much do.

But, equally as FAB-u-lous is this not to miss give away from My Sweet Savannah. She will be giving away these weathered clock hands from Wisteria.

Made of iron with a zinc faux finish, the longest hand is 79.5 inches long by 12.5" wide. They are so great looking. Perfect with our without the mural.

Go over to see Melaine at My Sweet Savannah and register to win these!


  1. I sooooo hope you win the clock hands since, I know you of all people could paint the most fabulous clock! Good Luck!!!

  2. I saw these earlier this week too but now that you have put the visual together for me. I will have to put this in my decor file of to do's. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you win and then post your creation.


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