Friday, October 9, 2009

Love this new site

Stephanie at the Vintage Glitter House had a great post on a new decorating and design site she found called Houzz. You can collect beautiful photographs for inspiration in your very own idea book. The site is filled with incredible talent and loads of eye candy. Stop over to the Vintage Glitter House and see her inspirational photos, they're great. I'm including some of my top pics here.

Isn't the plate rack above just fantastic? I love the color, and what a beautiful way to show off a mixed collection. I've always wanted to have an entire set of china that was mix and match, where everyone has a different beautiful plate. Wouldn't that be a cool wedding registration?! Everyone gives different pieces of china. Every plate, saucer and cup would hold a story.
Like, "This was my Grandmother's favorite salt shaker..." Is it just me, or do we all think we need more than one wedding (same guy, just another celebration)?

Wow and yum!! I need to paint this somewhere!

Paint those frames black and this room is ALL ME. I love the arrangement of the too big for the room framed Maps (most likely a map of Paris, because I would love that), the draperies puddled on the floor, and the celery green walls.

I will definitely be finding a wall for this idea. A painted silhouette or outline of a tree, which is beautiful on it's own. But then, top it off with antique photographs of your ancestors, or even mock ancestors, or even black and whites of your living family, making it a gorgeous family tree... I can't tell you how much I love this idea. Now for the room, Fabulous color combination don't you agree? Even the area rug has a tailored black trim. Not to mention the lamps, the desk, the chair... (the speakers, it even sounds great in there!).


  1. I had to laugh, because I have an obssesion with black and white photos and most of my are "mock ancestors" but, we have become good friends! I am in the process of collecting my photos to create a wall like that. Someday!

  2. Thanks for the shout is an addictive site. I did the black frame thing on a smaller scale in my family room. After all of the .50 frames are all painted the same color, they look like I purchased them together. I love how it turned out. Have you tried yet??

  3. Hi, the plate rack is from my house, thanks so much for mentioning it and saying such kind words. Drop by Beach Vintage sometime, would love to see you there. Regards , Simone

  4. I thought I saw that plate rack before. Simone is a good blog friend. Also, just wanted to check in, haven't heard from you in awhile. Take care!


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