Thursday, September 17, 2009

My new little "Dry Sink"

I saw this sad looking weathered and old table outside the thrift store for .99 cents. It apparently had been someone's fire pit table because it has been through a lot of rain and there were scorch marks on the legs.

The wood on top was convex it was so warped, but I thought it would make great wood for vintage-ie signs. Well worth .99 cents!! When I got to the cashier, I saw the sign that read, "All Furniture 30% off"! Whoo hoo, jackpot.

When I asked if the sale included this table, she gave me an, "are you kidding?" look. So, I forked over the WHOLE .99 cents. The little glass vintage knob was worth that alone.

So, what to do with the rest of the table?

I took out the drawer. Cut out the wood that held the spacing for the drawer and screwed the two sides together.

I had these little medallions from a clearance sale. They had little hooks on them to hang coats? Towels? Anyway, I ripped off the hooks, drilled two pilot holes and nailed these on to cover the seams. I used the scraps to fit the drawer onto the table like a "Dry Sink" top. It also removes and can be used like a tray.

I had to add more chippy paint to make it look well worn all over.

(this picture shows the identical other side) And, I added some iron knobs. I am missing a glass knob on a dresser I have, so that worked out great, don't-cha think?!

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