Friday, August 28, 2009

From Dirty Junk to Sparkling Treasure

I found this great trunk at a garage sale last weekend. It was a fantastic find, I might have a small addiction to trunks. This one however is special because it's nice and flat and would make a perfect coffee table. Or, as I picture it, at the end of a wrought iron bed in an all white room, clean and breezy, old and new.

This is how it looked when I bought it. Actually, in this picture it looks pretty good. Trust me, it was dirty and gross. With a broken and pried open lock to boot.

So, I removed the lock...

and added this little cute iron emblem that I have been saving for just the perfect piece!

Sprayed the whole thing chrome, because that's what I do lately!!

Isn't this rust pretty? I had to save that...

So I taped off all the rusty parts.

And after glazing it with burnt umber to tone down that blazing chrome, and rusting up the new iron emblem (the rusted emblem isn't in this picture though)... it's finished and in the store!

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  1. Bonnie it looks amazing. I love the wrought irom embellishment. It is truly the crowning jewel. I would have never thought to paint it chrome and yet it has such a cool vibe. Great job!!


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