Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cabinet Redo update...

Revisiting this cabinet painting post:

Next on the kitchen list... removing an old (too new looking) cabinet and replacing it with a new (old looking) cabinet. I'll be removing the small cabinet in the center (Knowing I was removing it, I had tested out the black paint on it to see how I'd like it in the room. The upper cabinets will be painted black when the carpentry is finished).

Here's the "before"

Here's an update:

The main cabinets started out as light oak. The new center cabinet I added was made from scrap pieces of wood, everything from maple to oak. I used a 6 panel wood door (from our old house) to create this cabinet. To tie everything together color wise, I added a faux finish of a cinnamon colored maple to the sanded back areas. You would never know there are 6 different woods used in these cabinets. More cabinets to paint... look for updates to come.